The Year of the Yin Wood Goat

This year we descend into the Yin elements of the Chinese Zodiac wheel. This system of Astrology look at the wider universal influences beyond the mere solar system in which the Western Astrological gaze is set. Elementally the Goat animal is earth, so combined with wood, we see a dynamic present that brings us to look more closely at environmental issues. Wood element concerns our “trees”, while the earth element concerns just that, “our earth”. So to state the obvious, this year we have no choice but to look at our impact on the planet.
In reverse, the planetary impact on us as “earthlings” as such cannot be ignored. Just as the moon governs our tides as it has a gravitational pull over the earth’s waters, so too do the other planets influence our own. It can be seen as a form of relationship, just as our “community has an impact on us as human beings.
To keep things simple for this year, the earth under wood combination asks that we recognise where our emotions come from. The wood stemming from the earth elementally is “emotions – governed by wood element / the liver)…signifies emotions born of the physical realm. This gives the image of emotion arising from the way we treat ourselves physically. So much recognition is given to how emotion gives birth to ailments, illness and disease,,,but now we come to the time in which we need to realise how we treat our bodies will ultimately influence how we “feel”, energetically and spiritually.
So this year demonstrates a time in which we can learn and discover how much our “environment” and the earth around us actually impacts “back” on us. The physical environment, in Feng Shui is very much a big part of who we are…as we are reflected in it and by it. Looking at where and how one lives can say so much about us. So now it is time to become masters of our destiny simply by harnessing the physical environment that surrounds us, aligning it so that we may utilise it to it’s full potential.
This year we need to realise how important the food we eat really is in affecting our internal organs and therefore the connected and associated emotions. As in traditional chinese medicine, our spiritual and emotional self is seen very clearly in our physical make up and condition. They are not separate from one another. In fact, your elemental make up and balance (Astrologically  – in Chinese Astrology) can depict and reveal so much about the tenancies of the body-mind & spirit in terms of it’s dynamic.
So now is a wonderful time to get present to the truth that the physical balance of the world around us and within us, is a direct mirror of our emotional self – and the spiritual fulfillment that we seek.

The Month of the Wood Pig


Yesterday we entered the Yin Wood Pig brings us to a more harmonious month as we have the flow of elements from the Pig being a Water animal to the Wood in both the month and year heavenly stem then to the fire, fed by the strong water fed wood element. This brings a nice elemental balance however with the Pig being a travel star, it’s a month that can shake things up and get us moving. Water wants to flow and that’s what it will be doing this month, with all that wood and fire (Horse) around.

Water element relates to our kidney, bone and reproductive health. This means we need to take more care of these areas during this month as well as next month in the Rat, also a water animal. The kidneys need plenty of rest as they are considered the storehouse of our vital life force (qi). With the wood and fire elements present this month, we need to maintain our energy as the Water element can become exhausted, meaning we can easily “burn out”.

Metal element people (those born on a metal day) need to take more care than most this month with the elemental dynamic. It will be easy for metal people to become energetically drained without the earth element present or the metal element to support them. Wood people especially will have a better month with stronger energy than usual. Wood especially as the plant need both water and sun (fire) to thrive.

This means it is a great time to support the liver with a detox, given that the Wood element governs the Liver. Emotions are governed by the Liver so can show up quite strong this month in particular. Being Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s also the season of the Wood element (governing the Liver), meaning people are generally much mover emotional. This often naturally correlates with the wind that spring brings moving into Summer.

It’s important now to remain “earthed” with such dynamics at play…meaning we need to stay grounded among all this change. The Pig is an animal of great change and can be unsettling for many. This is also why rest is important this month as well as good nourishment from food. Hydrating and salty foods will help maintain physical balance this month. By salty, I mean naturally salty and not foods that contain iodised salt which also contains artery hardening aluminium. Avoid that (iodised salt) at all costs. You can obtain iodine naturally in other ways.

So this month, be sure to look after yourself. It is a creative month and you are going to need all that energy.

Spring Equinox & The New Moon in Libra

Libra New Moon

This is a time of New beginnings in the Southern Hemisphere and universally in the way of “relationships”. The Libra New Moon also suggests that we find balance and particularly relates to justice. So at this time we begin to look closer and focus more upon finding balance in new ways.

This Libra New Moon takes place on our Spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, aligned with the natural forces of new beginnings. This is a great omen for relationships to reach new levels of understanding and equality, which are the keys to balance and harmony.

This is an auspicious time to begin putting in place new ways of bringing more harmonious flow into our relationships with others, particularly partnerships of any kind. Consideration and insight will grow from being able to share one another’s varying perspectives and finding common ground upon which to relate.

The Spring Equinox is also a time of magnetic energy changing direction. This means that our new insights at this time will bring great changes and shifts as our life begins to move once again outwardly in growth with new beginnings as nature comes to blossom. It’s time now for our relationships to blossom, along with those areas of our lives that we are passionate about restoring the balance and order (justice) to.

Being the Year of the Wood Horse which is the greatest “Yang” animal of the Chinese Zodiac, it is also a beautiful sign of flowering to come over the next six months until we arrive to the Yin Wood Goat in February next year. Over the last six months in the Southern hemisphere we have been gathering our resources, knowledge, wisdom and strength so that now we may begin to grow, moving forward with power and speed like the Horse itself.

The Spring Equinox brings out our creativity and being aligned with the New Moon in Libra, it foretells a beautiful time ahead romantically, be it in relationships already committed, or the openness of relating to others in a platonic way. Either way, we have a great harmony now and ahead of us in our experiences and interactions with the other world, as it is a time of restoring balance.

And as the Universe works with the Heavens to restore balance and harmony, energy begins to flow better as our missing pieces come to light for our awareness to enhance our ability to restore a sense and reality of completeness. Like the Yin and Yang, this is a time where our knowledge of opposing forces brings wisdom and strength to our ability to gain insight and understanding from them that better our lives.

Month of the Earth Snake

Snake month

In the year of the Wood Horse, this month of the Earth Snake brings us a double fire energy with both the Horse and Snake being fire animals. This means our nerves can become frayed, as we can become burnt out energetically. Although we here in the Southern Hemisphere have the cold upon us as Autumn turns to Winter…we must remember that the heavenly bodies have impact just as much as the Earthly environmental influences and elements. And so, in writing this months forecast, I would like to first reflect upon the Spiritual enormity of the eclipse month just passed. I was grateful to share this Full Moon eclipse being the first I was ever fully able to witness. Last month brought many things to surface in the emotional realm, bringing recognition to areas that needed closure, to help us move forward with life.

This month, in the Chinese month of the Earth Snake, we have many matters of the heart arise for illumination. It is a highly spiritual month again, highlighting the emotional realm and bringing us the need for a delicate balancing act. It is a month where the art of living becomes an important aspect of our own self determination. We must now see that we are the makers and creators of our own lives and it’s unfolding. We may shape and mold our lives in many many difference ways and forms, so this months challenge is to choose our creative expression wisely, from the heart.

This month’s balancing element is Earth. Although personally this element may not be favourable for those that are already quite strong in their earth energy…overall, we will require gentle grounding and consideration to the benefits of slowing down this month. Being predominantly ruled by the Taurean sun, May brings us to focus upon our earthly needs, which is perfect in this time where we transit through not only the fire animal month of the Snake, but also the Year of the Wood Horse. So we have double Fire! This means we must “Earth” ourselves. We need to remain grounded, as we have come to learn from last months eclipse.

It’s time now to focus simply upon our health foundations. These are the key foundations of our lives and as we transit through a demanding time spiritually and energetically, it’s important to keep solid on our nutrition, our lifestyle, fitness and keep life as simple as possible, to avoid draining our reserves to the point of pain and weakness. No matter what, this month calls for us to be gentle, move slowly and take care to be kind to ourselves. So do take care. For if you do, this will be one of the most colourful, heart warming and beautiful spiritual months you come by.


The Year of the Water Snake 2013

2014 & Beyond

Highlighting key predictions for the coming Astrological transits and energetic Feng Shui influences with recommendations and remedies

by Leah Jade  

Chinese & Western Astrological Consultant / Writer

Holistic Counsellor, Internationally Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, Women’s Natural Therapist

Whole Food Medicine lover & Yogi

Author of: The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Self Care Medicine, The Power of Perception, Sacred Space & The Soul Compass

Astrologer of over 12 years. 50 hour Accredited Certificate course facilitator & developer for Spiritual Astrological Counselling

Bored…I don’t know the meaning of the word! 🙂 I was asked one day, when I was at my clinic reception by a lady who assumed that was my “job”, If I get bored. I was blown away at this incredible assumption. Something I am glad to say I refrain from doing for the very reason that I know how wrong we can be in our judgement of people in brief meeting.

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Astrologically the year of the Wood Horse coming in 2014, foretells a strong theme of “Romance & Relationships”. It will be a year of heightened sensitivity emotionally, spiritually and physically in universal terms. The year brings forth the return of the arts, the spiritual revolution…a beginning of the return to the age of renaissance that lies ahead, associated with the Astrological influence of the fire cycle we now enter. This coming Wood Horse offers freedom to draw upon natural intended vision. Governing the South direction of any universal centre, the sign of the Horse has strong potential to bring fortunate blessings to the South seated, facing or positioned during this year. This is because of the energy grid transiting through this magnetic compass pull universally through 2014.

With the feminine wood element crowning the centre of universal life force, we see the young women both flourish and tested in 2014. If unstable, they will fall vulnerable to their blindness, pray to their wild adventures, depleting of their strength. The yin wood element dominating the year, foretells a time of young women exploring their freedom in the unknown. Young women should caution against making impulsive choices during this year to preserve their balance and strength. It is a vulnerable time for maturing women without strong spiritual poise. Instead it is a time that one can grow from developing their creative instincts. Yin Wood also governs the Liver and ethereal soul, making it a year to dedicate our attention to the inner most passions and aspiration, to avoid distractions taking us from our true higher calling. It’s a year to define our gift and purpose, so as to keep us alive, at peace with the knowing of the legacy we seek to create.

The Liver is important this year, as we enter a strong fire animal, the greatest Yang sign of the Horse. This can deplete and exhaust Wood element in the body, being the Liver. It can result in burn out, emotional instability and over stimulation, with mental imbalance, from too little rest and reflection. The world transits through it’s flowering time at it’s peak of the life cycle. We must remember that the outer world of loud noise can be empty, as energy expands, like a bubble almost bursting. This year will be a time that calls for quiet contemplation, rather than allowing facades to dishearten and fool us, in comparing and forgetting the bigger purpose and potential for the pendulum of nature and universal law to swing in it’s opposite extreme.

We must hold onto our balance in remembering clearly in our heart, mind, spirit and soul, that what seems light is also dark, like our every day. We see only one side at a time, but we must not forget the opposite exists always some place else, and will reveal itself in it’s natural time, with the cycles of nature. People are both cold and hot, at different times in different places. We all hold all elements within, the same organs and functions, therefore we all fell all emotions that these organs evoke. The heart, joy and sadness. The lungs, difficulty letting go, sometimes low, but with great depth and endurance, like metal. The kidneys, our blood, dominating in moments of fear…releasing adrenaline to protect like the mother of a child, ever nurturing, there behind us all the way. Our very life support. This year they are weakened by the adrenaline released in the fire sign. Dissipating essence into the heat, as steam becomes mist, our reserve, empty.

The Horse gives strength to earth, leading us into a more natural existence, awakening and enlightening humanity to the return of food as the best medicine. The stomach will knot with worry as we forget to look within, in a time of great transformation. We will be awakened to the connection of thoughts and emotions over the body and it’s every function or dysfunction. No longer will people doubt the power of colours and vibration as their influence is revealed. Colour therapists will be called upon to educate and heal, musicians will be called upon to perform their magic to evoke spiritual evolution and healing love, for the purpose of creating connectedness and compassion for our fellow species, sharing this life time and the next. We will look further ahead with greater consciousness of our footprint, and feel more strongly about our power to create a worthwhile experience and contribution to the world.

This Wood Horse holds joy for us to open our heart and eyes to, to give forth to those without it. We have a great opportunity now in this year to come, to create powerful transformation as a fire burns to ashes to form new ground, to walk upon and shape a whole new world. From the Snake we shed our dead, to the Horse we rise again. As a phoenix bird on the mountain top, we enter the beginning of a new direction. One that draws us to more solid ground to build our lives upon. A time is coming that empowers us to savour the gifts and awaken to the immortal gift we hold. So vibrant and innocent we live. In this time of divine, we return to spiritual devotion. We draw upon our lives to make strong our powers of relinquishing ties that bind. It’s a new cyclic transition through which we discover freedom in detaching from assumptions, from being mislead from prejudice and rigidity. We look ahead to a time of softening, surrendering to the unknown, that holds unlimited wisdom and potential.

The stars are moving us in a revolutionary time where knowledge becomes our God, governing spontaneous changes for growth. The age we are in is a period of endings and new beginnings. From here on we learn powerful truths that help us in life. Abundant wisdom is made accessible to all. No child or person need suffer from the poverty of wisdom, learning and opportunity. The world is made richer is it’s transparency, and the human ability to be honoured with gratitude for their gifts.

We now have the opportunity to live more balanced, in tune with our true nature, that was intended the freedom to move, dance and interact more presently with our fellow earth dwellers. It is in this coming age that we stand before now, that we discover the power of each moment as the gateway to the next. We will learn to live artistically, in a manner that we aim to live at all times, with humility and selflessness…for the purpose of inner harmony. We shall discard what we are told until we know for certain. As we cannot place our understanding in others hands, for this is our journey. Young men will lead the way in this cycle we enter, with greater understanding from both the lessons passed on from generations gone, to the shared observations from the gentle way of the woman. Men grow to embody more contemplative qualities that further humanity with advancing solutions for accomplishments, learning and sustaining longevity of life. We begin now to enter this age where planets align to support us in learning the power of creation.

Music will become more understood as essential to our evolutionary potential. We gain greater insight into the essential nature of sound in survival. We grow to see how much our words can do, to ourselves and others. We become more conscious with this wisdom, more gentle with our language and voice. Babies will be seen in new light, as a flower not yet open, but dependant on every sound as it’s foundation of forming relationships with the world.

Women will use song and sound in pregnancy to teach their child how to enjoy the movement of life and innately know the emotions of voices through feeling and expressions of movement in self and others.

Women will be guided in how to create the best possible environment for their children’s development, through the use of colour, space, objects smell and perspectives shared, with insights of learnings they have to give.

Humanity will become more adept at creating their own destiny and pathway to spiritual fulfilment and education more attainable. Communication far clearer and more understood for it’s power over all aspects of our lives. Psychology will be more deeply instilled in the youth as an essential guide to understanding human behaviour and our role in the quality of our relationships.

People shall develop more reflective abilities, so as to learn from the past and understand their roles in creating the circumstances in which they live.


If sleeping in the South, working, living or entering the home in the south direction of a building, city or the globe (Australia & South America) you will be blessed this year as with those occupying the North direction (part of the world / living space). Those facing the North or South this year, predominately, will progress in their endeavours and excel in their pursuits. As someone who is entering their first favourable luck pillar (in Chinese Astrology) transiting through both of their favourable elements (fire and water), living in a South facing home with a business in a North facing building, in the North of the city, in the South of the globe…I feel blessed to bring you this forecast…for this is my time of strength. Hence I write to my hearts true, unyielding and fearless Lioness content (as a Leo).

And with this foundation, I intend to share the wisdom from which I have grown and evolved. It is with this ancient knowledge that I have so confidently moved in the very clear direction of my highest purpose, to empower my fellow travellers with the grace of living in harmony with the forces of mother earth and father heaven (the Grand Organised Design), Universal Laws and the land that sustains our very breath. I call this mission, the Soul Compass. A purposeful calling to source the keys to limitless fulfilment, joy, poise and balance. From the Transformational year of the Snake of 2013, shedding our past, freeing us of ties to illusions and grief, this coming year is the flowering in which we unveil the gifts within. In this time we connect with those that are there to guide us, drive us and push us to our ultimate destiny.

In the South west of the compass, the globe and foundation of living, we have great potential, activated so as to grow in rapid ways. Those that occupy this direction, face it, live or work in it, from the sector of the building to the area of the city, the city of the country or the country in the globe, this coming year will bring achievement, learning and development in the direction of your greatest yearning and drive. Success will be born for those that dwell in this direction of the environment this coming year.

Eastern Hemisphere Unit 1

The two animal signs most influenced by the Horse…

The Wood Horse brings change for the Rat people, moving them to make the bigger choices in life, to change what no longer brings fulfilment and balance. It is time for Rat people to learn a new way of seeing and living. Those born in the Rat year will need to bring closure to deep seated patterns, psychological and learned, to make changes for the greater purpose of evolution and growth. Those born in the Rat month from after the first week of December to the first week of January, will experience significant foundational uprooting. This year brings physical challenges to stay centred and clear. It’s time to push through with all reserves, to develop strength and guide others through the same journey. It’s a time to learn the wisdom to develop the power to lead others through such times.

This year brings people born in a Rat year, month, day or hour (11pm-1am), turmoil, demands and yet equal rewards and worthwhile attainment to the energy devoted.

For the Goats on the other hand, we see a pleasant time of harmonious experience. This Wood Horse foretells love, connections, relationship fulfilment, romance and a unity with life in certain forms. The Goat year born will draw upon their resources, strengths, past lessons and gifts to find purpose and develop a sense of identity. Goat month born, from the first week of July to the first week of August, find space and freedom to to develop their own identity outside of their familial roots and social ties. Those born on the day of the Goat will find sincere companionship and connection with others. This means it will be a significant year for relationship evolution.

Those occupying Northwest need to caution against struggles this year, as the most challenging Astrological energy / influence / force governs this direction in 2014. Avoid stimulating, being in and activating this sector, area or direction of your living, work space or business this year. It will bring “uneasy feelings” uncertainty and heaviness if stirred enough. Another area / direction to watch in Flying Star Feng Shui in 2014 is the East. Those who face or occupy the east this coming year…energy will be slow and challenges will manifest. Avoid sitting in or facing this direction this year. Women will be more influenced by this energy and it is known to bring health issues, particularly related to the stomach and digestion.

Those who occupy the east direction in 2014 will suffer more from mental fatigue, worry and anxiety symptoms. Remove any earth elements from this area of the home. Earth element relates to anything made of mud, clay, brick, stone, pottery, crystal and earth. Do not keep bright colours in this area of the home / office or building this year. This includes yellow, cream, beige, orange or even red, maroon and pink. Instead, use white, metallic, silver or gold. The best remedy here is metal objects and decor. East facing homes, dwellings and buildings need to keep their entries neutral and clean this year, without obstacles or activity. This includes avoiding electrical equipment, devices and moving objects, particularly flowing water, crystals and candles.

Those born with predominating water energy (element) will find greater balance this year as the warmth of the Wood Fire Horse brings balance to the cold of the water. Strong water people are born from the first week of November to the first week of January in the water months (animal signs).

For Earth month born people, this year brings a challenge to be more forthright and outspoken…to be more creative and speak more openly, to share their knowledge and gifts with the world.