October’s Yang Earth Dog

If you have a Dragon in your four pillars (Chinese Astrology chart), then this month can be heaven or hell. Both of my parents passed away when they had this “net”, where the Dog and Dragon aligned.

On the other hand, Doreen Virtue has this alignment within her chart, so it can bring a heavenly energy also. If metal element is what you need, then this month is a fantastic time for you in the area of life that metal represents to you. What ever the five aspects of life metal element relates to for you, there will be successes.

Be it career, business and finances, power, resources or friendships and networks, this month will have a strong theme of success for those who are balanced by metal (of the Monkey year) which is strengthened by the Yang Earth Dog (also an earth animal).

Harnessing the Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon by Leah JadeThe New Moon in Virgo is really fitting for the first day of Spring (as it is in Australia). Spring clean time! Detox time! Virgo is the sign of purification, the sign that LOVES organisation and cleanliness. The sign that breathes life into the “cleanliness is godliness” notion.

My father was a Virgo and a hard worker. Fastidious and meticulous, he was “fussy”. He worked with “metal” in fact…the manifestation of a “Mercury” governed man.

How do we harness this New Moon in Virgo influence? We get organised! We set out on a mission to “Get IT done”. A mission to make it happen…that which is deeply calling us on a soul level.

It’s a time in which we can really tune into our earthly desires to “live well” and achieve a “higher vibration” to get closer to our ultimate higher potential and purpose.

We also have the eclipse which electrifies the air that we breathe right now…inspiring us with a higher level of energy to “create”, as the new moon encourages (naturally). Look in your garden…follow the moon for guidance on growing life…literally and metaphysically on the spiritual level.

The moon helps us manifest, physically and spiritually nurturing us to the soul level. And when the New Moon is in Virgo, we can harness this lunar phase to get our life in order in the areas that need it most.

With Mercury retrograde at this time also, it’s time to “go back” and reflect in order to straighten things out and take the essential learning from the past to integrate it now today.

It’s time for structure. Re-developing our life processes, business policies and procedures and going over anything that needs further attention, so that we may extract more learning from any potential areas in need of improvement in our lives.

August 3rd New Moon in Leo



Leo – The sign of the Heart & Spirit (Shen) Seat of Consciousness

Strengths: Leadership and Creativity

Moon – Ruler of the Soul & the inner life

The New Moon in Leo is here, illuminating the inner life that we contain. Like a lantern in the night, our colours shine brightly now with this new moon. As we are the leaders of our own destiny, the Leo New Moon lights the path ahead clearly to “strengthen (leo) our intuition (moon)”

I myself have arrived at the point in my own life where all fragments are coming together in a place that I feel centred in…and born with the Sun in Leo, I do feel this New Moon deeply. Here now in Burleigh Heads as I watch over the rolling ocean waves, I contemplate my life…envisioning the direction in which I am committed to leading it. And this is exactly what the New Leo Moon will do.

Let this Lunar transit be as powerful as it can be, in taking the reins and owning that which manifests in your life. This is a time in which we can see how powerful we truly are, as though a single flame, lighting up a whole dark room. We have the potential the bring light (joy, clarity and direction) to any area of darkness in our lives with our intention alone.

This is very “Reiki”, very “Universal Law” I know, but it’s quite simply the truth. Common sense maybe…but now is the time to put that into action and application. See here lies the difference between knowing and doing…the very powerful difference.

To know that we ourselves have the potential to expand our reach to far greater distances is one thing. To focus on that and commit to it is entirely different. That is the space in which results are created.

So let the Leo new moon strike a chord in your lion heart. Let it bring out the soulful leader in you to take a strong hold of the reins and orient your life towards that which you know is truly possible…because your heart whispers it to you.

What area of life will this Leo New Moon influence for you? What area of your chat is it transiting?

1st house

This is a time of new beginnings, identity overhauls and self reflection. The inspiration found now will propel you forward into new ventures of emotional richness and fulfilment.

2nd house

This new moon highlights your sense of stability and need to focus on future security. This is the time to set financial goals and write down budgets for success.

3rd house

You have itchy feet and this lunar transit brings you wings. Be it mental, spiritual or physical, you have a strong urge to move and experience something different for a change.

4th house

Your home and family life is warm and loving right now. Love is in the air and you feel a strong sense of commitment to building a secure base right now with those you trust most.

5th house

This is your time to shine. Who you are, your essence has a magnetic pull right now. Being self centred and focused is actually a spiritual lesson many can learn from. And you have this gift.

6th house

You’re on fire in the work arena right now. Decluttering, organising and bringing order to your world is bringing you great power and clarity now. This is a wonderful brainstorming moon for you.

7th house

Your relationships are balanced right now. Love is strong and harmony is the key to moving mountains from here on in order to achieve the goals you now get clear on chasing.

8th house

This New Moon is a deep uprooting of the old unwanted as well as any buried treasures. These gifts can help bing you great power to create new ways of living for your future.

9th house

Your Spiritual life is being reset. You have incredible vision for the greater picture and now is the time to declare it to the world and make it so. It’s a magical time of manifestation for you.

10th house

Sit back and appreciate for a moment how far you have come. All the obstacles you have endured and suffered are now becoming clearly essential life learning tools in creating your dreams.

11th house

You are blessed with a big social influence right now. You have the ability to touch the hearts of many and make an impact on how others see the world. Take advantage of that.

12th house

It’s time to go within and retreat. Time to forget the outside world and the noise it makes with the opinions of others and all their confusing advise. It’s time to dream big and meditate.




Capricorn Full Moon in the Goat Month

Born with the Moon in Cancer, I’m a lunar child who feels it’s fullness quite strongly. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so when the moon is full in it’s opposite sign, we can expect an energy of balance. We are brought to a slow point coming to the full moon on Wednesday the 20th of July.

The Full Moon highlights all things Capricorn this month, being: what we have learn through experience. This is a time of reflection and insight. This full moon brings the gift of focus on the important aspects of life that we aspire to achieve as we evolve. The Goat (Capricorn) is a sign of goal oriented application.

Being the Chinese Month of the Wood Goat, the energies align in terms of the East & West influences, as the full moon is expansive, just as the Wood element in the Chinese system of Medicine, philosophy and astrology is.

Celebrated in this full moon is our roots, wisdom, tradition, culture and ambition. Our emotional drive now aligns strongly with our physical actions in creating something solid in the world that is practical, sustainable and survival savvy.

In Chinese Astrology, we are now moving through the month of the Yin Wood Goat…so though we are moving through many task essential to our future security, the Earth element of the Goat (in both systems of Astrology right now) encourages us to slow down, so as not to miss what’s important…and also to smell the roses.

As someone who is already strong in the earth element (overall), the Goat being an earth animal tends to bring me a little more in the way of challenges, as the earth element is strong, un-moving and solid…an element that a Yin Wood like myself finds a struggle at times to break through.

I’m a little late (about a week) in writing this post as the Chinese zodiac animal month usually starts about a week into the calendar month.

This month, the earth element is strong, so have patience as energy slows down…to teach us this very lesson. Its all very well as this years Monkey being so active, probably won’t allow for much down time.

This month is “practical” month, a time for doing those many things you always “intend” on getting done…the time consuming tasks that must be completed to achieve your goals.

Goats can climb high because of this elemental trait, so keep this in your mind this month (until the first week of August). Next month we have 2 Monkeys, which are metal element…(both year & month animal), so prepare for a time of “cutting” away any overgrowth then.

This month’s hard yards will position us nicely for such refinement then, as we begin to see more clearly, whats left that needs tending to.

Remember, the earth element also relates to the physical body and wellness. It’s no surprise that I personally am finally “doing” some very practical things that I’ve long been “thinking” about, during this Goat month.

Being a Wood Goat, it’s also about community and networks (branching out), so coming together with people and bringing expertise in to achieve certain tasks, seems to be the theme here right now.

Personally…I joined a Vegan Mumma bake group that I’m really happy about. I’ve also been working on some new product ideas in the way of Self Care education. So while it’s been busy, this month is showing me the need for community and getting practical, as well as focusing on my health.

Recovering from a chronic skin condition brought on by grief as I faced the loss of my beloved grandfather last year, all the while watching my little girl suffer with eczema developed at the exact same time, I realised how important it can be to be cautious about what we allow into our systems.

Not only is the skin a reflection of the lungs, which is where grief resides in the body, but it is also the elimination organ that reveals the foods we eat!

So after 10 months of my daughter and I suffering together, I worked my way back towards a vegan lifestyle, gradually eliminating animal products all the while improving to the point of full recovery!

So moving through this Wood Goat, I am learning just how powerful certain foods can be, especially how much we really need to focus on incorporating as much earth “plant” foods into our diets.

So I’ll leave you with this as I plan on being on time with the Monkey coming up in August for you.

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The Year of the Yin Wood Goat

This year we descend into the Yin elements of the Chinese Zodiac wheel. This system of Astrology look at the wider universal influences beyond the mere solar system in which the Western Astrological gaze is set. Elementally the Goat animal is earth, so combined with wood, we see a dynamic present that brings us to look more closely at environmental issues. Wood element concerns our “trees”, while the earth element concerns just that, “our earth”. So to state the obvious, this year we have no choice but to look at our impact on the planet.
In reverse, the planetary impact on us as “earthlings” as such cannot be ignored. Just as the moon governs our tides as it has a gravitational pull over the earth’s waters, so too do the other planets influence our own. It can be seen as a form of relationship, just as our “community has an impact on us as human beings.
To keep things simple for this year, the earth under wood combination asks that we recognise where our emotions come from. The wood stemming from the earth elementally is “emotions – governed by wood element / the liver)…signifies emotions born of the physical realm. This gives the image of emotion arising from the way we treat ourselves physically. So much recognition is given to how emotion gives birth to ailments, illness and disease,,,but now we come to the time in which we need to realise how we treat our bodies will ultimately influence how we “feel”, energetically and spiritually.
So this year demonstrates a time in which we can learn and discover how much our “environment” and the earth around us actually impacts “back” on us. The physical environment, in Feng Shui is very much a big part of who we are…as we are reflected in it and by it. Looking at where and how one lives can say so much about us. So now it is time to become masters of our destiny simply by harnessing the physical environment that surrounds us, aligning it so that we may utilise it to it’s full potential.
This year we need to realise how important the food we eat really is in affecting our internal organs and therefore the connected and associated emotions. As in traditional chinese medicine, our spiritual and emotional self is seen very clearly in our physical make up and condition. They are not separate from one another. In fact, your elemental make up and balance (Astrologically  – in Chinese Astrology) can depict and reveal so much about the tenancies of the body-mind & spirit in terms of it’s dynamic.
So now is a wonderful time to get present to the truth that the physical balance of the world around us and within us, is a direct mirror of our emotional self – and the spiritual fulfillment that we seek.